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Anti-Virus Services
Anti-Virus Services

SymbiSystems IT Services proactively monitor systems to avoid any technology crisis or downtime.

A company's downtime costs them money in payroll and loss of revenue due to time away from sales, communications, customer service, etc. Downtime costs companies money in payroll and revenue. Technology is an important tool for businesses, so when it does not work, many jobs stop immediately. SymbiSystems Services are designed to help companies avoid downtime and technology crises as much as possible.

Proactive Support for Protection

Anti-virus protection and 24/7 monitoring work proactively on every computer to monitor its health and prevent potential viruses from creating havoc. In addition to having computers behave strangely, viruses can also cause popups that distract users or make it difficult for them to close them. It is even possible for viruses to render the computer or network inoperable. Once an issue is found, it can be fixed automatically by the monitoring system in some instances. In other circumstances, SymbiSystems is notified of the issue through the monitoring software and can fix the issue on-site or remotely. Either way proactive anti-virus protection and monitoring keeps employees working and avoids downtime.    

Virtual Threats

Business owners need to know the types of malware and be aware of when the computer starts acting strangely, as malicious software creators have different intentions and malware can look different once it is installed on a computer.     

Types of Virtual Threats

The term virus refers to a malicious program or code that alters the way computers operate and is designed to spread from one machine to another.   

The term 'adware' refers to software that automatically displays or downloads advertising while a user is online (often without the user's knowledge).   

You should be aware that spyware can collect information about your web browsing habits, e-mail messages, usernames and passwords, and credit card information. If this software is left unchecked, it can invade another person's computer and transmit this information to theirs.  

Malicious software or code, commonly known as Trojan Horses, can take control of your computer and damage, disrupt, steal, or in general inflict harm to your data or network.

What Does A Virus Look Like?

Companies rely on anti-virus protection to protect themselves from spyware, but what does adware look like? A virus can either act strangely or be undetectable like spyware. SymbiSystems examined the computer and found an example of adware pop-up on a computer. The user complained that Outlook links would not open normally in the web browser.  As a result of hijacking by adware, the default web browser had been replaced by the adware's browser, which displayed advertisements whenever users clicked links. 24 viruses were discovered and quarantined after the malware scan. The computer then worked normally with clickable links in emails again. Fortunately, this virus was only a nuisance and did not infect the network further.


All data on a network can be destroyed by more dangerous threats. Ransomware, for instance, is a type of threat that steals all data, software, and operating systems from the network. The virus authors then ask the business for money in order to release the data. When the money is paid or the system is recreated, companies will not be able to work or even use their computers.  As a result, you must pay for all software again and recreate any data that was not backed up. If the data was backed up, you can save it, but it will still take time to download. In spite of the fact that some data may be lost, good anti-virus protection can detect the pattern of ransomware.

How Can Businesses Avoid Threats?

Antivirus software constantly scans for known malicious software on computers, servers, and networks. It is the first line of defense against viruses, adware, spyware, Trojan Horses, and worms. If it finds any, the computer automatically disinfects it.Antivirus software constantly scans for known malicious software on computers, servers, and networks. It is the first line of defense against viruses, adware, spyware, Trojan Horses, and worms. If it finds any, the computer automatically disinfects it.

Sometimes, it will ask the user what they want to do with the malware. The user may choose to quarantine the virus or file, or they may choose to let the software know the malware is allowed. This can happen when a user intentionally downloads a new program, but the anti-virus software is concerned about some of its features. It may block the installation and alert the user.  As a business owner or employee, SymbiSystems can help you determine how to balance protection and usability. Even though certain software components may potentially pose a threat to the company, the company still needs to function well. If anti-virus protection isn't sufficient, SymbiSystems can provide security advice on how to protect the system in other ways.

Threats Are Not Always Avoidable

Some of the malicious software is easily recognizable and avoidable. Others can slip past even the best antivirus software. The people and organizations that create the threats are constantly developing new software. For their customers' protection, antivirus software companies search for and react to new threats all the time.  Business computers are protected from most threats by this, along with security patches from updates to Windows operating systems and MAC iOS. It is best to educate staff about how to avoid threats, and when they do happen, you should have SymbiSystems present to remove the threat. If the worst type of threats thwart all protections and infiltrate the network, it is also crucial to always have off-site backups of data to be prepared.

AntiVirus Protection

As part of its proactive support, SymbiSystems offers antivirus protection to prevent threats to computers, servers and the network. Some viruses are just an inconvenience, whereas others may take the network down completely. In order to prevent downtime for each client, SymbiSystems provides proactive tools like antivirus protection to keep employees working. Would you like to learn more about proactive support?