24/7 Monitoring

24/7 IT Monitoring Services, Phoenix, Arizona
24/7 IT Monitoring Services, Phoenix, Arizona

Businesses need to run efficiently all of the time.  Downtime due to technology directly impacts a business’ bottom line and productivity. 

Downtime is costly for companies in payroll and revenue loss due to time away from sales, communication, and service. Technology is a tool that businesses depend on, and when it doesn't work, many jobs are halted. As a result of SymbiSystems Services, companies can avoid technology crises and downtime whenever possible.

Proactive Support

Monitor and protect every computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to prevent viruses from causing havoc. When a computer is infected, it behaves strangely, causing popups that distract, or it takes time to figure out how to shut them down. In addition to causing problems with the computer or network, viruses can even cause the computer or network to become unusable.  By continuously monitoring the health of the computer, 24/7 monitoring is also proactive. In some cases, once an issue is detected, it can be fixed automatically by the monitoring system. As a result, an issue can be resolved without interrupting work. As a result of the monitoring software, SymbiSystems can sometimes be notified of an issue and look into a solution. The user may not even realize there was a problem..  Sometimes new hardware is needed to prevent problems in the future. Either way, proactive planning and monitoring keeps employees working and prevents downtime.

Types of 24/7 Monitoring

The purpose of 24/7 monitoring is to keep the computer working properly. If the computer is well-maintained, the user will continue to use it. During the day and at night, as well as during the weekend, problems can occur. In order to ensure that computers and networks are working correctly the next time an employee uses them, monitoring must always be in place since they run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Internet Connectivity

Every aspect of computer life relies heavily on the Internet. In order for staff to communicate, research, sell, use cloud software, etc., the internet is essential. When the internet goes down in the office, it's obvious, but what happens at night? In the event that daily backups are not conducted, employees may not be able to access the internet when they return to work the next day. This can lead to serious downtime and revenue losses


A common horror story that SymbiSystems hears is that a computer dies one day and all the data is lost. Hard drives fail or computers stop working properly, causing people to lose valuable photographs, financial spreadsheets, human resource information, and crucial sales documents. To prevent that from happening to their clients, SymbiSystems utilizes 24/7 monitoring. Monitors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Then companies can avoid the loss of critical data when SymbiSystems proactively replaces a hard drive and copies all data over to a newer, more reliable drive.


For a computer's health, the temperature of the processor plays an important role. When the processor temperature gets too hot or too cold (over 167 degrees Fahrenheit), the computer elements will not work efficiently and eventually stop working. SymbiSystems can investigate what needs to be done to adjust the temperature if the temperature gets too high or low by monitoring the temperature 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even assessing the processor for the type of work being done.  Looking at the room temperature is also an important consideration especially for the server room. Monitoring is important to avoid heating up computer elements so the computer will continue to work effectively.>

Updates & Security Patches

In addition to distributing updates to operating systems, security patches, and antivirus software, SymbiSystems uses monitoring software. Windows operating systems and Apple iOS are both regularly updated. Depending on the update, some of it can take just a few minutes, while others can take hours. Staff may avoid updating since it can eat up their working hours.  It is necessary to complete updates in order to install security patches to counter new threats or bugs. These updates are installed automatically through SymbiSystems's monitoring software at night so that they do not interfere with your working schedule. Another strategy for keeping the computer running efficiently and keeping security tight is to ensure these updates take place.

Remote Support

Although proactive support is ideal, SymbiSystems can also provide hands-on support when problems arise. SymbiSystems can also remotely log into computers to fix problems that require a technician's skills with monitoring software. Whenever a staff member has an issue or a computer alerts SymbiSystems of one, a technician can log in remotely to address it. The technician can also visit in person if hardware needs to be replaced or another issue arises that requires an on-site visit.  If a computer issue cannot be resolved by remote support or on-site support, SymbiSystems uses proactive support to avoid downtime.

Monitoring & Support

Business owners can work efficiently while knowing their investment in computers and employees is protected with proactive IT support through 24/7 monitoring. By monitoring machines, you can keep them running at their best while protecting their security and reducing downtime. As a trusted provider of remote and on-site support, SymbiSystems protects computers and servers so that business owners can feel secure.